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The company owns a store of petroleum and stone coal with a capacity of 120 thousand tons in the industrial zone of Bam Zghiou It is considered the first store licensed by the Ministry of Environment in Alexandria The Arab Brothers Company is committed to implementing all the environmental requirements of concrete land and its periodic maintenance As well as sheet fences with a height of 12 meters and a net above it to prevent the spread of emissions from coa The Arab Brothers Company owns a spraying system consisting of water sprinklers on towers to maintain the humidity of the coal at the required levels. In addition to a mobile car to spray water on the ground, as well as coal codes that are difficult to reach through sprinklers The Arab Brothers Company also owns a device to measure toxic gas emissions, as well as a device to measure the temperature of coal piles The company is committed to conducting periodic measurements from the competent and approved authorities of the Ministry of Environment, and these readings are recorded in the environmental record of the company periodically.

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