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Arab Brothers Co. specializes in supplies and general contracting, and we are the ones who provide goods and services to our customers. We continuously seek out the latest methods to ensure we deliver distinguished and innovative services to our valued customers. With our extensive experience in implementing all types of supplies and contracting, we take pride in our honorable business record and aspire to serve all sectors comprehensively across various aspects.



Arab Brothers Company owns a licensed petroleum and stone coal store in Bam Zghiou with a capacity of 120 thousand tons. Committed to environmental requirements, the company maintains concrete land, 12-meter-high sheet fences with a net to control emissions. They utilize water sprinklers and a mobile car to maintain coal humidity. Measurements of toxic gas emissions and coal pile temperatures are regularly recorded in the company's environmental record, monitored by approved authorities from the Ministry of Environment.



The company owns a fleet of heavy transport vehicles equipped with the latest technologies that make it a pioneer in the field of transportation in all its fields, whether within the Alexandria Governorate from the port of Alexandria and Dekheila to intermediate stores in the governorate or outside the governorate to all the factory and stores of our customers throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt This is in contrast to the partners' cars that follow the instructions of the operating managers in the company, which we were able to carry out all transportation works efficiently



Arab Brothers Company takes great pride in owning and operating a cutting-edge truck scale, which stands at the forefront of modern and accurate technology. This remarkable truck scale plays a pivotal role within the company, enabling the efficient and precise measurement of car loads for a diverse array of heavy transport vehicles, catering to various industries and applications.



The company owns a large group of the latest charging and discharging equipment that operate at maximum capacity to achieve the best discharge rates, including: Cranes Winders and hydraulic clamps Loaders with different payloads Excavators Belts


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