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The Arab Brothers Company started its activity in 2006 in Alexandria Governorate in the field of transportation and supplies, and since then the company took a pledge to be one of the most important companies in the logistics services sector, especially in the operations of loading and unloading ships, transporting coal and dry steel materials and storing them, and ending the related administrative transactions inside and outside the port, where the company was able Within a short period, owning a fleet of heavy transport vehicles to transport goods of all kinds, whether inside or outside the governorate The Arab Brothers Company owns an intermediate coal and petroleum warehouse in Umm Zaghio Industrial Area in Alexandria with a storage capacity of approximately 120,000 tons and is considered the first coal store in whole Egypt licensed by the Egyptian Ministry of Environment to serve the Egyptian energy-intensive industries sector, such as cement, iron, steel and fertilizers. And after the Arab Brothers Company proved the leadership in the field of transportation and storage of all kinds, the company obtained a license to ship and unload ships in the ports of Alexandria and Dekheila Maritime for dry bulk goods, which are considered an essential element of production in various fields The Arab Brothers Company manages logistical operations in all its stages by entrusting its clients with integrated logistical services under its large umbrella of handling goods to and from clients' stores as well as unloading and shipping them on board ships and trucks until the completion of customs procedures Thanks to God Almighty and the effort made by the Arab Brothers Company team, the company has become a big name in the logistics services sector.


Coal store licensed by the Ministry of Environment in the industrial zone of om Zeghio and it is considered the first licensed coal store in Egypt garage for cars and equipment in Al Kafoury area, behind a Mobil gas station, in front of Hani’s village for grills Garage for cars and equipment in the Margham area on the Alex-Cairo Desert road Yards for storing equipment in Alexandria and Dekheila ports for the company


Heavy Transporting Trucks, Cranes, Hoppers, Hydraulic clippers, Loaders and excavators, Belts


All works assigned to us by the International Shipping Company for the benefit of the International Coal Company in Borg El Arab have been implemented since the beginning of our contract and are continuing until now without breaching any of the contract terms and with the end of efficiency in the completion of the transportation of the ship’s cargo from Alexandria and Dekheila port to the International Company’s factory in Borg El Arab. We also carried out transfers of coal from Burj Al Arab to the Egyptian Company for Anode Balls in Suez – Ain Sokhna and vice versa

International Trade Office

The company carried out the transfer of cast iron from the company’s warehouse in Burj Al Arab to the aluminum factory in Naga Hammadi

Artec Company for Logistic Services

The Arab Brothers Company carried out all the contracts that were relied on by us from the side of the Artec Company and related to the Al-Areesh Cement Company. The transfer operations included the internal transfer of coal from the port of Alexandria or Dekheila to the store of the Arab brothers in Bam Zagho and its storage, and then the coal is transported outside Alexandria to the Al-Arish cement factory In Beni Suef..


Cisco Trans is considered one of our best customers and partners we are proud of, and we are honored to always work with them The Arab Brothers Company has implemented all the assignments from Cisco Trans to store the charcoal at the Arab Brother Company’s warehouse, and it continues to implement all the assignments


The Arab Brothers Company has transferred the iron peels of the Pro Trade company from the warehouses in the industrial zone of Bam Zghiou to the port of Dekheila to be exported abroad and are still continuing to implement the works assigned to us.

Titan Cement Company

The Arab Brothers Company carried out all the assignments from the side of Titan Cement Company, including transporting coal from the port of Alexandria and Dekheila to the stores of the Arab Brothers Company in Bam Zagho for storage, and then supplying it to the Alexandria Portland Cement Factory in Max and also Beni Suef Cement Company in Beni Suef.


The company carried out the transfer of coal from MIDOR company to Meditab Square in Dekheila port

El Max Salines Company

The company has implemented all the assignments from the side of the Max Salines Company, including loading and transporting salt from the company’s stores to the port of Dekheila and Alexandria, to be exported abroad

The Arab Brothers Company has also carried out the following transfers:

  •  Transporting and supplying cement for field works in the new administrative capital
  • Transporting the iron oxide from the river berth of the Rakotis Company to the port of Dekheila
  • Transporting and supply of sand and sand to the recently paved Al-Kuraimat Road
  • Transporting and supplying teeth and sand to the mixers of Hassan Allam and Othman Ahmed Othman
  • Transporting clinker from the Arab Company for Cement to the Amiriya Cement Company
  • Transporting and supply of ceramics to the stores of the Tenth of Ramadan companies
  • Transporting coal from the river berth of the Rakotis Company to the Arab Cement Company in Suez
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